A diagrammatic 3D illustration of a #Rain Garden drainage system. Rainwater run-off is diverted from the gutters into an underground pipe to a small retention garden area where it is absorbed.

A 3D animation of cryptocurrencies on a tech background. #bitcoin #crypto #animation

The dinosaur Ornitholestes moving through a swampy forested area in this late Jurassic scene. Dinosaur depicted with fur and feathers.

The World Is Burning: A 3D animation of the Earth on fire

An ERC-20 based collectible one of one original #NFT of a #Hesperosuchus.

Extinction Of The Dinosaurs Asteroid Strike

A collectible ERC-20 one of one #NFT illustration of a US Digital Dollar, or CBDC.

An illustration of a Woolly Mammoth and Human size comparison.

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